Keyword Poetry

War is terrorism
Death is a celebrity

Iraq, Washington
Washington, Iraq

George W. Blair W. Bush W. Tony
and the government
sitting on the pavement

Religion as god
Technology as health


Not Always Work


Figure out
Figure in

You never know
what you know
you know

Just think twice, that's all
Just think twice, that's all

Of course, repetition does not always work
(But then again, who does?)

A Random Act of Desperation

The context came over me like a spammer in the head; the text was in fact incomplete, and this had led to dire consequences for humanity. Of course, to actually finish the text was presumably impossible, to the point that noone even would recommend trying - unless as a random act of desperation for the dying. The basic questions seemed to be: Was this incompleteness intended, and if so was the effects of this equally planned. Only by answering this would



Bloom away
Listen to what you are reading, for it is in your best interest to grasp what lies between the lines.
Bloom again


A Bit Broke But In a Good Mood

is a song, or at least
the name of a song
about an artist
or it could be
if someone
wrote it


On English

English is not

Suitable material

Freedom of speech

Adjusting the Nouns

To fit the Adjectivelies


Hello world

This is just a test

to see

whether I can see

Hello world

Please respond

I need

to confirm reality


Experiments in smallness

Bathing alone can make you wet! Never leave home without a steam-engine. If you can read this you are a nice person, but don't read any closer I warn you. In my dream a yellow steam from the green submarine. Forget we even met. You haven't been here I haven't been here. This is not inspired reading; I believe it's time for a switch of paragraphs.

This is supposed to be even smaller, but still possible to read I see.... If your browser won't enlargen your text, I suppose you can mark this text and copy it to the clipboard. But enough hints; this is really not intended for reading...

just an experiment in smallness

On the inevitability of being

How did I grow?

Where can I flow?


I Watched the News

I watched the news the other day.

What a terrible way to die.

Blomst 001

So this is the internet...

I like the space, but the windows might have been cleaner

That is all

And so are you